The Empress of Abundance

The Fool continues her journey along life’s path and discovers the Empress holding court under a grape arbor.  Starlight filters through the leaves and she can see the Empress stretch out her hand towards her.

“Life is juicy and sweet,” she says as she offers Fool a handful of ripe, plump grapes    With gratitude, the Fool plucks one from the bunch.

L. Gloyd (c) 2010

10 responses

  1. Love it! Love the modernity of her. Very stylish Lori.

  2. Your eloquence is full of grace and silent depths. I like this a lot sweetie.


  3. .Brilliant. What a fabulous artist you are.

  4. This is so lovely.


  5. OMG- that girl looks like my little sister!
    A sign, perhaps that I should pay special attention to this post?

    1. Perhaps, AM! 🙂

  6. beautiful picture

  7. Lori, your Empress is very impressive, and the fruit she holds looks luscious.

  8. Oh my, Lori, oh my, my!! This is simply stunning!

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