Met A Minstrel


After anxious times
I meet a minstrel
On a Lemurian Mountain path
Who sings a joyful song
of mercy and clearer pathways ahead
reminding me just how important
it is to live in the moment
and not speculate too much.

12 responses

  1. How wise to know that all we really have is here and now, and to take joy in the little things that make here and now so wonderful!!

    Heather love, your sketches are starting to remind me of a mosaic, with the most beautifully intense colours to fill the eyes and brighten the day.


    1. Thanks Gwen. I was particularly happy with the way this drawing turned out, with the intensity of the color.

  2. Fabulous, Heather!!

  3. love the wistful look on the faces of both the women 🙂
    Wonderful news about your mother, I am so pleased for you all.

    1. There is a real wisfulness there Jill. Glad you spotted it 🙂

  4. Oh, Heather, I am so glad things have resolved in such a positive way. Yes, let the minstrels play and the people dance!

    1. It was a huge relief to know that we were not facing anything really terrible. The next phase is going to be difficult enough without adding that to the cocktail.

  5. Everyone is always glad to see a minstrel coming with joyful music! Glad tidings indeed.

    1. The minstrel is a welcome respite Jane.

  6. That.

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