Go with the flow
Bend with the wind
Follow the river
To where there are three bends
Live the dream
Climb that mountain
Go to the wind
Climb down to the river
Bend with the flow
Go with river
Climb into that wind
Be that river of dreams
Live that mountain
Climb that life
Bend with the mountain
Flow in the wind.

(c) June Perkins

9 responses

  1. beautiful photo and poem

  2. I do get the sense of gentle, flowing movement with this image and the poem. Beautiful, June.

  3. This is beautiful. As I read your words, I feel myself “Going with the flow.” The image is beautifully done.


  4. This is just beautiful I heard a gentle music in the background as I read it. It was a surreal, fairy-like tune which seemed to be calling me to other realms………

  5. This is very lovely June. To go with the flow, to fly free is the daily challenge for so many of us.

  6. Maybe I will set it to some music this week – yes Heather going with the flow can be a challenge and yet always worth pursuing, and then there are the times we go against the tide….

  7. Lovely image and poem

  8. Beautiful, June – the picture, the poem, and the meaning in the poem. I think I should take your words as a challenge to do what they say.

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