The Tree-Woman Emerges

“The Tree-Woman Emerges”

She couldn’t wait to the end of the day before she made her emergence.

L. Gloyd (c) 2010

Digitally created using Terragen and Photshop and free use images from Morguefile.

8 responses

  1. This is absolutely fantastic Lori. I will be interested to hear more from this character. I think you will find she has much to say.

  2. (: she is going to be magic (:

  3. Wow! She is amazing!!! Your ability to produce such art is magical!

  4. Wow! She is really something. I can’t stop just looking at her.


  5. Beautimous! If I could, I would live in that tree, too. The woman appears to have great wisdom and character.

  6. Now that was very cool, what a GREAT composition.

  7. unbelievable. she has so much power.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Lori. This is really wonderful!

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