Tree Woman — Sketch

“Tree Woman”– Pencil Drawing

Two nights ago I had a dream wherein a young woman ripped up a garden I had been tending.  I said to the young woman in the dream, “It may be your house, but it is my garden.  Let me tend to it as I will.”      I did not need some dream analyst to tell me that this dream represents my inner, unconscious world beginning to manifest and that I am feeling quite vulnerable at the moment.

Early this morning (it is now 4:30 a.m. on Palm  Sunday), I woke and felt compelled to get out my visual journal and sketch.  This image emerged.  I see here something akin to what I dreamed the night before:  the theme of the growing garden — yet I am the one who is growing!

The tree-woman is another manifestation of the Medial Woman archetype:  the feminine archetype that bridges the outward world of reality  (the world of branches, leaves and sunlight) with the inner world (where tree roots run deep into the dark earth).

I am going out of a limb (pun intended) and say that Tree Woman will not be content being just a pencil sketch… most likely she will compel me to take her image to further development as a painting or digital construction (or both).  Stay tuned.

L. Gloyd (c) 2010

6 responses

  1. oh I do wonder what she will turn out like…

  2. She is lovely. No telling what you will digitally do with her. Whatever you do, we want to see.


  3. Oh she is full of so much possibility…..I wonder where she will take you………

  4. I will perch on the limb with you and say that Tree Woman has much to share with you and she will insist that she have a voice through you. Fascinating Lori.

  5. Since I looked at the digital rendering first, I find this fascinating. I like to see the process you have used. She really is neat, and the meaning behind her is even neater.

  6. Thank you for explaining what a tree woman symbolizes. I made a sculpture of such a woman a few years but I had not idea what it meant. Fascinating.

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