A Basket of Gold


As I walk Lemurian Roads
and work with the archetypes who populate this realm
and the inner corridors of my being
My basket fills with gold

16 responses

  1. My brain needed that Heather…

    1. Happy to provide brain food 🙂

  2. How cool, great theme.

  3. Wonderful!

  4. YOU are gold, Heather. Your ability to create such prose and pictures as you journey back to yourself astounds me!

    1. You do say the most affirming things Sally. Thank you.

  5. Lemuria is filling, isn’t it? This wonderful world that you have created for us to explore refills, renews and refreshes.

    1. I agree Jane. I see gold everywhere here. Lemuria is filling out and becoming what I always saw it as being, an allegorical world filled with archetypes and not as daunting as going underground.

  6. I love that picture – the greens and golds somehow tie the virtual Lemuria back with your great grandfather’s vision of it in western Queensland.

    I’m glad you are find gold.

    1. What a wonderful link to my great grandfather and the nuggets of gold he left for me to work with. Thanks Sue.

  7. And as you find that gold so you fill the heart with it.

  8. You don’t merely find the pot o’gold at the end of the rainbow, it is filling to overflowing! 🙂

  9. It does appear to be filling to overflowing Lori. Feels good to be deep within Lemuria again.

  10. Love this!

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