The Healing

Fog Bank by you.

The Healing

Through the fog
I swim toward the light.
From the dark
I struggle toward the dawn.
It’s easier now
As winter stretches into spring
And the warmth renews my broken body.
Wild flowers paint the hillsides,
Glowing like fairy lights as the dawn bursts forth
In all its glory.
And though their life be short in this desert clime,
they heal and help restore my battered being
bringing me out of the fog
and into the bright light of day.

Vi Jones
©March 27, 2010

8 responses

  1. Vi, this is so very beautiful both the image and the words – I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have you back with us and on the healing road.

  2. Vi, this is beautiful. I can feel the stretching and the renewal in your words. Thank you – and I’m glad you’re back.

  3. So wonderful to be in the process of being restored thanks for sharing Vi and I can see those wild flowers!

  4. Clambering back and restoring concentration and zing is a real challenge after what you have been through Vi. I am inspired to see you emerging from the fog and thrilled to have you back writing and working with you digital wand. Beautiful work.

  5. I found your poem very moving. You describe the healing journey so beautifully. The image has a sense of calm strength.

  6. What an appropriate poem for arrival of Spring and the theme of renewal that is so much a part of Easter. Welcome back, Vi!

  7. Wonderful Vi, just wonderful.

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments. It feels so good to emerge from the fog and to grasp onto my own creativity. It has been dormant too long.


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