Childhood Leaf

Childhood Leaf

Image: Childhood Leaf

Taking a leaf from childhood’s book

Leaves sand to irritate my eyes.

Crayon leaf rubbing

Preserves textures of my childhood smiles.

Musing grown woman reaches back

To pull away the rose coloured glasses.

Salty wind is blowing

Bob Dylan’s questions into every grain of memory.

Childhood questions adulthood

Beckons me back to the crunchiness of walking on the leaves.

Adult takes the child by the hand comforting her by saying

You can turn over a new leaf.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved words and image

For more work like this see my blog where I am posting these experiments

World Citizen Dreaming

13 responses

  1. Wow – what a fabulous image and a thought provoking poem. Your digital collages are getting better and better. They are both beautiful and inspiring.

    1. Thanks I am working hard on the experiments so I am happy to know they are becoming stronger (:

  2. special and so full of images that remind us

  3. This is like viewing the world through a piece of amber. Beautiful.

    1. yes now that you say it really does – I remember seeing lots of amber a few years ago.

  4. What a fantastic image…and the poem to go with it is deep and thought provoking.


    1. thanks so much Vi (: glad to see you back and creating again.

  5. Your experimentation is bringing forth a rich harvest June. What lovely work.

    1. thanks so much Heather, I am looking for inspiration all the time.

  6. oh how clever your poem is – brilliant!

    1. writing to the image is like writing with music – it seems to add another dimension to the writing, especially with abstracted/altered images.

  7. Quite simply beautiful, June.

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