Not quite myself

Whether it was me or some fictional character that woke in the early morning light and found herself alone on a dismal shore I was not sure.  One thing I do know, the place was unlike any I knew of my waking life.  I knew, with a certainty beyond all doubt, I was in Lemuria.

“I don’t think I can do this,” I muttered.  “I can’t come here as myself.  I have come as a character.  It won’t work otherwise.”

“You have to come as yourself or not all this time,” a bird in a nearby tree said.  “You have to confront those things in yourself that are holding you back or you’ll never move forward.”

Typical Lemuria, I thought.  It doesn’t really matter if I’m here as myself or some fictional projection, this place is still weird and unpredictable.  “And chilly,” I muttered as  I put my hands in my pockets to pull my jacket closer to my chest.  My left hand touched on a card.  I pulled it out and examined it.

It was the Page of Pentacles.  As I gazed upon the picture the card became part of the landscape beyond it and the figure upon it became three dimensional and life sized.

“Although I appear to you in the form of a Page,” said the boy before me, “I am an embodiment of Triptolemus, the boy who guided Demeter on her search for her missing daughter Persephone.  In that role I represent the very beginnings of an idea that can take you forward.  Follow those subtle inner urges and those whisperings of new ideas  and you will find the impetus you seek.”

“Thanks for the insight,” I said and stepped out boldly away from the boy.  “I’ve had an urge to venture out into a new direction for a while now.  I think I’ll take this light, bright path that has opened before me and see where it leads.”  I set off with long loping strides  and a great deal of enthusiasm. I had not gone more that a few paces than my head began to spin, my legs turned jelly and the sense of exhaustion that dogged my waking hours caused me to falter.

“Easy does it,” the boy called out.  “Listen to your body.  Take better care of yourself.  Remember Demeter the Earth Goddess and know that all seeds take time to flower.”


11 responses

  1. This story is like the planting of a seed too (: wonder what will happen next. It’s always interesting to work with Godesses and Gods, and cards see what they add to a piece too.

    1. Boy that was quick commenting. I’d only just posted the link and your comment popped up – I almost looked over my shoulder to see if you were in the room with me! Be great if you were. I’d put the kettle on.

      Thanks for reading. – S.

  2. I think we just happened to be on at the same time (: tea party at the hearth, sounds like a great idea – maybe I’ll photograph a teapot (:

  3. It’s interesting that you have mentioned the myth of Persephone. That story has been on my mind too these days. I always thought I was an Athena/Artemis person, but I’m thinking that on a deeper, more mythic level, I may actually be Persephone. Perhaps at one time or more during a woman’s psychological journey, we are all Persephone from time to time. Your post has got me thinking…………….. 🙂

    1. Yes, I agree. I always related to Athene too. I think that we probably all need to visit Persephone from time to time – I wouldn’t want to make it a full time occupation though. Maybe your tree woman has the answer with her roots deep in the earth and the unconscious and her upper body branching out into the realm of air.

  4. This is a great beginning and I’m really looking forward to more.


  5. I do so love the whisperings of new ideas and thoughts. Trust the gentle whisperings.

  6. You had me at weird and unpredictable

  7. Fascinating, I am eager for more.

  8. Sarah Joyce Bryant | Reply

    I love the idea of the card transforming to full size and interactive. Amazing!

  9. Planting seeds – but it is so hard to be patient! I wish you luck on your journey.

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