An inner journey

Last night I realized I’d been using the Mythic Tarot deck too much.  The cards had become sticky and no matter how many times I shuffled them the same ones kept coming up.  The energy around the cards had become murky.  That happens for me with Tarot cards sometimes so I knew it was time to wrap the deck up in a dark cloth and put them away for quite some time.

This morning I still had the urge to do a Tarot reading just to wind up this period of intense involvement with the cards.  I went and hunted out another deck I have, one I don’t use very often.   It’s called The Native American Tarot deck.

I shuffled the cards for ages to renew my relationship with them then, asking a different question to the ones I’d been asking recently, I laid out the cards in the tradition Celtic Cross spread.  The question I asked was about how to move forward from the situations and thoughts that have held me thrall for the last couple of months.

Working with the book that accompanied the cards I decided that, rather than focusing on individual cards, I would look at the reading as a whole.  Looked at in that way the cards suggested that the way forward for me was to develop my spiritual practice and express myself through creative work.

After thinking about that for a while and wondering whether I needed to write anything of the experience to post on the Hearth I decided to draw just one card.  After posting so much recently and expressing so much emotional pain (I hope it hasn’t come across as dumping) I decided I needed to bring my posts to some kind of conclusion.

I drew just one card from the deck – the Six of Blades –  in this Tarot system blades correspond with the swords of other decks.  I really like the picture on the card – it says everything these words are groping towards.  The commentary talks about listening to day dreams, listening to night dreams and about going on a spiritual quest – a vision quest- to find the direction for the next part of my soul’s journey through life. The Tarot cards will play a part in this journey but it will be lesser role than I’ve recently been assigning to them.  I think the key to a portal to Lemuria for me right now will be through re-drawing the Map of my Heart.

Thanks for reading.


6 responses

  1. the conclusion you come to really grabbed me – “re-drawing the map of my heart” – oh yes. i look forward to accompanying you as your journey progresses.

  2. The maps of the heart that members completed were all very moving. Just as there are shifts and adjustments with traditional mapping so there is with these maps. I am fascinated that you have been drawing the same cards. I have found this too. It has frustrated me that the swords (blades) persist but then a new card will manifest itself. Rather than laying spreads I have been drawing one primary card each day and have tried to work with these, finding that the swords have bought there own harvest. Tonight it was with delight that I greeted the magician, after having, like you, just encountered the six. It really has been a fascinating process.

  3. This is all so completely fascinating. I must purchase a deck and start working with it.


  4. Sarah Joyce Bryant | Reply

    I have left my cards to collect dust and after reading this I know I need to rekindle my relationship with them and some form of spiritual practice. I have been so overwhelmed with life that I forgot to do the one things that brought me sustanence.

    Thank you for sharing.


  5. I pulled my Osho Zen Tarot cards out the other day and even carried them into the other room. Our relationship was shortlived and I didn’t even open but put back in anothe room. Now I can’t find them. Obviously I am not to do a reading at this time.

    I, too, loved your interpretation!

  6. Blades and swords and quests – these seem to be commonalities among many of us as we try to find our way on this journey. A map of our hearts – I think we are all drawing one of these.

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