being bold
daring to do what you want
taking a risk
gambling events will go your way
confronting the situation head-on
taking the initiative
speaking your mind
facing fear directly
taking the bull by the horns
seizing the day

6 responses

  1. Wow! You really are on a roll, Heather. And your drawings are fabulous. I really like the poem. It is a great reminder to face our fears and doing the right things for ourselves…for a change.

  2. bold indeed! – wings are flapping wildly around you as you step forward.

  3. Good advise clothed in a great drawing and accompanied with words of wisdom.


  4. Sarah Joyce Bryant | Reply

    I have been stagnant for so long afraid to move in one direction or the other. Thank you for this inspiration and a reminder that not choosing to move forward is also a choice – something I often forget. Maybe spring will bring me the strength to go towards the future instead of being mired in the past.

  5. Someone told me the other day I lacked confidence and needed to stop procrastinating, it takes course to move forwards and your image encourages that!!

  6. Seizing the day – bold words indeed, but often so hard to follow. This lovely lady looks like the sort of determined leader that would make that easier.

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