unframed melody

After working on the dress forms that are currently in The Pearl Company I’m still enjoying some of the fabrics and techniques, but I want to be freer.  I’m feeling particularly bohemian for some reason.  To hell with frames.  I don’t even want my canvases stretched. 

I took up some fresh pieces of unprimed canvas and tacked them to a board set on my easel.  I primed the canvas and set to work.  I have made three mixed media pieces so far, one of them ready to hang, the other two still drying and needing to have their edges tended to.  They’re approximately 10″x12″ pieces. 

I just want to be able to take these lovely free-spirited mixed media pieces that were created from sweetly rising memories and tack them to a wall and not be precious about them.  I’m just getting started on a series.  I really wish I had better photography skills.  Jeez this metallic stuff is hard to capture correctly!  I am highlighting in gold oil paint.  Digital cameras have difficulty processing light correctly.

So the one with the child is just  a murmur of a memory of a child’s face .  The feel of the child’s face resting on my arm.  The scent of the child’s face.  A mother understands this scenting thing.   And the canvas with the number seven is about luck.  Not the cheesy glittery Vegas kind.  Just the luck that is real and exists in everyday life.  It comes and goes.  It flows around us like water.  It’s just a meditation on the groovy smooth and then rough and sudden shiny buttons of luck like water. 

And then there was the sweet piece in Peridot with an ebb and flow, a warp and weft, settling nicely on the wall. 

Enjoy.  Steph

4 responses

  1. They are very delicate Steph- I love your writte explanation of this.

  2. It is the richness of the color that has grabbed my attention. Those last two are just stunning.

  3. These are beautiful, Steph.

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