The Alchemist


Along the road
I stumbled upon a cottage
Where an alchemist
has a cauldron
and makes potions for everything imaginable
Since the magician/alchemist
persists and keeps appearing
I take this as a message to stay awhile
And see just what he has to offer
my masculine

7 responses

  1. hmm potions for everything, let me think awhile… for creativity, alterness and knowing all about the unseen?

  2. His arms appear to be bound. Is that significant? Is there a feeling of powerlessness in your life that needs to be overcome? Just a thought…

    The image is definitely powerful!

    1. 🙂 Overcoming my sense of powerlessness is driving my Tarot journey. It was one thing to move with the intent of establishing a new life. It is quite another fitting in and actually living that new life. Little by little I am getting there.

  3. How cool. Amazing image, Heather.

  4. You have captured the wisdom of the ages in his features.


  5. Interesting fellow – he looks as though he is examining you with his eyes, to see what potion he has for you.

  6. if I could become anything- it would be a Magician.
    My Great Grandfather was a magician and hands down Id have to say he had the best job that anyone in our family ever had.

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