Reality Check

“Four of Cups”

I randomly pulled the 4 of cups last night and here is the interpretation:

…The Four of Cups represents such periods of self-absorption. If you are self-absorbed, you tend to refer everything back to yourself – your own interests and desires. On this card, we see a man who is unaware of the cup being offered to him. He misses this gift because he’s turned within. In readings, the Four of Cups can indicate that you are wrapped up for the moment in your own world.In some situations, you must focus on yourself. When life is too stressful, you need to devote time and energy to yourself or you will feel swamped. The Four of Cups can represent a positive period of self-reflection and renewal. By taking the time to go within to dream, muse and reflect, you restore your emotional balance.  The Four of Cups is sometimes a sign of apathy. You don’t really care much about anything. Your life seems stale and flat because you’ve lost interest in the activities that used to bring you pleasure. You’re not motivated to make much of an effort in any direction. At such times, the Four of Cups can show that you’re stuck emotionally. You need something to focus on that will so engage your mind and heart that your path down river becomes clear again. Open yourself to your surroundings. Soon you will be on your way again.

From Learn the Tarot.

Hmmmmm….. definitely something to ponder.

L. Gloyd (c) 2010

7 responses

  1. This is a fabulous interpretation of this card Lori. Personally I have found working with the archetypes very therapeutic, particularly at this time when my mother’s health has raised so many personal issues.

  2. I really like that image Lori. The subtle colours really create a sense that all is well yet the torn paper edges suggest something discarded or overlooked. In other words, the image supports your words in a very powerful way.
    I hope you keep going with this idea and look forward to seeing more.
    – Suzanne

  3. Lori, I like your image. Interesting journey we’re on, isn’t it?

  4. A perfect description of old age and ill health when the body takes over the mind and energy Too true. Fran

  5. I would like to ponder how to have a good time when times are not good.
    Its a distraction- but a fun one.

    1. I’ll bet that involves thinking about duct tape and hot Scotsmen.

      1. As a matter of fact
        It DOES!

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