Serpentine Road


On a daily basis I have worked with the cards
E put in the bag she provide to guide me.

It has been a rocky road that I have traversed
as I contend with the seemingly inevitable
sense of conflict and powerlessness.

On the Serpentine Road there are many
Offering advice
Not all of which, I want to hear.

Changing direction
Not doing as I have always done
is not as easy as it may sound.

The snake gives away little
Suggesting only that I suspend my set expectations
Travel deeper into Lemuria
And wait and see.

7 responses

  1. Heather, I see you astride two worlds: one of color and excitement and the other of darkness and grief. But the woman is leaning from the light into the realm of darkness. Would it one day be possible for her to lean from the dark into the light?

    Beautiful and thought-provoking image.


    1. So perceptive Lori. I am, indeed, astride two worlds and it is not a comfortable space to be in. After talking to the snake she will head towards the light of the Serpentine Road, but, as with all places, there are bound to be shadow lands that she finds herself caught up in.

  2. I think she is being pulled in two directions. She is leaning towards something new but at the same time is being held back. There is such a look of reflective wistfulness on her face. this is a beautiful image as Lori says

  3. You are being weighed down by the past making it hard to move forward. You are strong and though you don’t feel so now, you will. Keep referring to the cards. I don’t understand about Tarot, but from what I hear the cards can lead you forward.

    Sorry your mom is having so much difficulty. I wish her well and send her prayers, and you too.


  4. She seems to be taking a break and looking for guidance. And is that the Rainbow Serpent I see on the Serpentine Road behind her?

  5. Tired and wistful, weary yet…hopeful? It’s always good to remember that we don’t know what lies around the corner. Which is probably just as well……

  6. I do love to put these questions into my head- I never know where they’ll take me.

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