The Wheel Turns


Just a short distance
Along the Serpentine Road
I find Serpentine Circus Acrobats
Performing the Wheel of Life

17 responses

  1. I view the drawings, thinking and wondering. Fran

    1. Lots to think and wonder about lately. I find myself doing the same when I look at some of my images and see things that surprise me.

  2. Don’t we all feel, at times, that we are spinning out of control. I sure do. This is such a dynamic, action filled image.

    1. Thanks Lori. If I have achieved a sense of movement and action I am satisfied.

  3. Sometimes we feel we are losing control of our lives and are forced to hang on for dear life. Your drawing reveals the spinning, dizzying effect so well.


    1. Thanks Vi. If I have captured movement and spinning then I am satisfied that my technical skills are improving. Meanwhile I keep clinging for dear life.

  4. Life is filled with circles. Sometimes we run in them, sometimes we live in them. But as your drawing shows, we must be flexible!

    1. Being flexible does seem to be an essential skill in this modern age. Thanks for your comment Sally.

  5. And are we riding the wheel or is it riding us? Questions, not answers. I do like your image, Heather.

    1. Lately I have the feeling that I someone else is driving and I find the feeling of powerlessness does not agree with me. I know, given your last year, that you understand the space I find myself in.

  6. There’s a disconcerting feel to this one –

    1. It does. I find clowns disturbing so my including one gives an ominous tone to a drawing. My mood swings have been disconcerting and I am pleased that I have captured this within this drawing.

  7. Gosh, reading everyone’s impressions is amazing, each different. Great, Heather, to me it looks like keeping pace with change!

  8. It seems to me that increasingly life is taking on this aspect. Is it an age thing? or a sign of the times we are living in?Did previous eras experience a similar feeling of losing control? It is as if we are pawns in a huge chess game.
    Great drawing Heather!

  9. Don’t forget it is a wheel and things will come full circle. Breathe deep.

  10. I like the cricular feeling of the acrobat- dynamic energetic illustration. It makes me think of my circus friends.

  11. Your work is ASTOUNDING me.

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