Grounding Advice


When things are going very wrong in the world, the Hierophant is the one who wades in, quiets the panic, and offers good, practical advice. She symbolizes a connection to the divine, which answers with a very human voice, never oblique or mysterious.

“You know how to solve your problem, this card says; it is not easy, not a quick fix, but it is do-able. The solution is there, you’ve only to bring it down to Earth.”

I look in a mirror and see that there is indeed a strong part of me that can handle whatever is thrown at me.


7 responses

  1. Always a need for a reflection like that to offer advice, and support!

  2. I need a mirror like that! I forget what season it is in Australia…If it is fall, it is time for reflection. You may be following the Mother Nature’s cycles. Like the trees, your leaves may fall off but your trunk is strong and the nourishment you need to live is deep inside. Your roots are connected to the earth. You are grounded and safe and still beautiful!

  3. Loved the mirror image, Fran

  4. Gee,this a wonderful post and wonderful drawings!

  5. Your drawings are fantastic and your words tell me that you are on the right path to regain the whole and rightful you.


  6. You are having such a tough time – huge hugs coming your way. Great images which say so much. Hang on in there 🙂

  7. Keep them coming Heather

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