PS I Hope You Die A Horrible Death

Years and years ago- when he was about eight years old,  the second born in my family got mad at me for taking away his Nintendo.

To show me how evil I was and how I had destroyed his life- he drew a picture of a cemetery and wrote his name on every single tombstone. I was impressed because there were a couple of dozen of those things and they were all different styles. It was obvious the kid had put a lot of work into that picture.

In fact I know exactly how much work he put into it because he drew it on the while sitting in the kitchen floor when I was making dinner and I was stepping over his emotionally distraught form every time I turned around.

That aside the entire picture was cool, it was detailed there were twisted black trees, zombies, coffins and a full Moon with teeth.

There may have been a Nintendo hanging from its mouth.

Oh and it had the same color hair as me.

It was also wearing a witch’s hat.


I liked it so much I put it in a frame and showed it too my friends.

One day my kid came home from school and caught me showing off his artwork.

He pulled the framed picture out of my hand, stomped his little foot and said, ” I hate you.  AND you’re stupid.”

Until today I thought that little picture was the funniest slapdown any kid had ever put on paper and shoved under a parent’s bedroom door- and then I found this on the interwebs:

(pic from Passive Aggressive Notes. Com)

by a.m. moscoso

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