Some call me Grandfather,
Some, The Bearded One.
I am at home here
In this arid desert land.
Those who know me not
Stop to look, to admire.
To reach out to touch
Some stop in time
Some do not
They are the ones that learn
That despite my good looks
And cloak of fur
So soft to the seeing eye
Are not what they seem.
I will leave you with a wicked sting.
And I will draw blood.
I am, you see, a cactus,
And like my cacti brethren
I enjoy being admired
But will strike if touched
By human hand.

©Vi  Jones
May 12, 2010

6 responses

  1. that was awesome Vi

  2. Strong stuff, Vi!

  3. I love the duality of this plant, that it is not what it seems. Lovely work Vi.

  4. Vi, that is magnificent, what a great post!

  5. I especially like the last few lines!

  6. it’s been too long since you have posted, Vi. This is a great post with which to recommence

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