The Enchanted Wood


Enid Blyton was the author who captured my imagination as a child. Her fantasies of going to the Enchanted Wood have never left me. Whenever I need to massage the creative spirit I go off to the Lemurian Enchanted Wood.


Maybe you will join me there, explore the nooks and crannies and meet the folk who inhabit this place.
I plan to add more of these creatures to my fridge and other metal surfaces just to remind me of where I can go when I want to get away from it all.

9 responses

  1. I just love to go on adventures!

  2. Adventure is everything, especially to places where the imagination can be free to take flight, these are delightful and very cool, Heather.

  3. There’s always some magic afoot in the Lemurian Woods.

  4. I have been spending so much time outside since spring has sprung! I sometimes wander off into the enchanted woods and don’t want to wander back out again. I believe I shall look for you and your fetching creatures next time I am there. Great drawings, Heather.

  5. Heather love,

    I just adore how fearless your womens’ faces and eyes are. Surely the features are those of Goddesses new to memory awaiting tales to be told.

    I am sure I will visit the Enchanted Wood soon, I just don’t know who will be doing the visiting!


  6. Just knowing the Enchanted Wood is there, waiting for me to come and meet all the wonderful humans and creatures who dwell within its shade and frolic in the dappled sunshine in the safe and sheltered clearings. That is all I need to set my creative juices flowing.


  7. The Enchanted Wood sound lovely right now, and I love your drawings.

  8. sounds like the perfect place to be. Wonderful images 🙂

  9. There is just so much in Lemuria, I really must go off on some adventures.

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