Awakening the Muse

The crown has been placed on their heads

and off goes the old and off goes the dead.

It shines so bright and stakes its claim

and it seems as if nothing is ever the same.

The wait is over and it’s time to sing

to muse together and flap our wings.

How patient we’ve been, waiting this long

it’s time to break out and sing our song.

Hooray, Hoorah we chant so high

creativity is born, we shout we cry!!!

Lisa and the ladies of creswick

3 responses

  1. (: I can hear that hurrah from here – all the way in NQld…

  2. What a celebration piece, fabulous, Ladies! 😉

  3. Lisa and the Ladies of Creswick: This is outstanding!

    Who is now fully awake! 🙂

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