To the Good Ladies of Creswick….

To the good ladies of Creswick, welcome to Hestia’s Hearth!

This is a safe place where we warm ourselves by the fire and share with one another.

Lori, a hearth-tender from California

Image:  Candles on my home mantle, L. Gloyd (c) 2006, 2010

9 responses

  1. Thank you so much for welcoming us. We are very happy to be a part of Hestia’s Hearth.

  2. You’re most welcome. It is 2 a.m. here and I’m on my way back to bed, but I’m going to take a quick look round first. Heather is a wonderful teacher; have fun ladies!

  3. We all went ah! Thanks for staying up. We really appreciate you doing that. And Heather says, aw shucks! 🙂

  4. The wonderful thing about Hestia’s Hearth and the Soul Food Cafe is that someone, somewhere is always awake and online.


  5. PS, Good night, ladies. I’m signing off now. 🙂

    1. Thanks and goodnight to you too.

  6. Love the candles Lori, sweet dreams.

  7. Sorry I missed you. The timing was not right for this aging body, but a big welcome anyway.


  8. welcome ladies. The timing wasn’t right for me either. I am currently in Turkey. I hope you enjoy your time here

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