Welcome to nest building

sunbird nesting

Sunbird nesting by June Perkins

Building a blog dear Ladies of Creswick,

is rather like building a nest.

Gathering ideas

From the leaves others overlook

Finding new textures

A piece here

A strand there

And the nest unfolds.

The perfect place for hatching the eggs of ideas.

© June Perkins

6 responses

  1. What a lovely inspiring piece of writing!

    Thank you from the ladies of Creswick…


  2. (: You are welcome, may you have a wonderful evening and exploration of the Hearth. Look forward to getting to know you all better.

  3. We are having a wonderful night and are about to do some creative work, while enjoying the Chocolate Chip cookies Heather has made for us and the muse.

  4. You lucky things! Those cookies are legendary, if I say so myself.

    June, this is a lovely post, love those birds.

  5. Yes, the sunbirds will be back a photo a day at least, the nest is changing everyday and I joke I’m a little miss country town Attenborough… I don’t have yummy choc chips but did have a love heart sponge cake with friends today,but we thought it funny that as we cut the cake we broke its heart…

  6. Not only did I miss meeting you all, but I missed the chocolate chip cookies. Now that is punishment.


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