Green Man Appears


Autumn is here!
The trees are resplendent in reds, yellow and gold.
Carpets of leaves begin to mulch
And all is quiet.
But hark!
Are those the footsteps of the Green Man I hear coming?
He is hurrying, as if on a mission
I wonder if he has come to shed some light on my reality.

12 responses

  1. How wonderful, Heather!

    1. He is most wonderful. I am enjoying this autumnal feel.

  2. I like how your pencil work is evocative of both Pointilliust and nImpressionist painting techniques, what a wonderful Green Man we have in the Hearth nw. Well done love!!


    1. You really do know how to make me feel good Gwen. I might have to bottle you precious. 🙂

  3. Fantastic drawing, Heather. Your images step off the paper and into our lives.


  4. Oh, he looks a bit fierce. I hope he’s only wielding a broom to sweep the leaves off the forest floor rather than anything more threatening! Love his leaf outfit. This is a great picture, Heather

    1. Actually it is a weapon he is wielding Carol. I suspect he is dealing some blows to long held perceptions that have held me back.

  5. How generous of the green man to usher in autumn and sweep the fallen leaves off our hearth!

    My daughter had visits from the green man when we moved into our house. She finally asked him what he wanted. He told her she had gifts and to be careful who she talked to about them because some people might think she’s a dork!

    I’m sure the message he has for you is more sophisticated. We already know about many of your gifts and they are quite admirable. It is possible that it is time to reveal those gifts that you have been keeping to yourself.

    Your drawing is stupendous, Heather. The green man’s appearance is always of great interest and you have brough him to hearth at the perfect time.

    1. Thanks so much Sally. Maybe it is, indeed, time to pull a few more rabbits from the hat. 🙂 The arrival of the Green Man is indeed auspicious.

  6. a well deserved visit imho – i like the look of him 🙂

  7. He looks ready for action! I think I’d rather not get in between him and his goals!

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