Autumn Fashion Parade


With the Enchanted Wood
Just beyond my front door
High fashion models
Are parading
The newest things from the season
A fashion parade
To match anything from
Paris, Milan or London
Is happening before my eyes.

10 responses

  1. How fun, Heather, it is exactly how the show is for Autumn right now. She is worthy company for the Green Man!

    1. I did think they would make a fine couple Monika 🙂

  2. And what is this lovely diva’s name? And I agree with Monika… she needs to be sporting around the forest with the Green Man on her arm.

  3. oh how wonderful – inspirational Heather – she is fabulous!

  4. Oh, Heather, she will be the bell of the ball as she waltzes in a forest clearing with the Green Man. Lovely image…great color, and her gown of leaves is absolutely stunning.


  5. What more to say? She is very fetching. Fran

  6. She looks all dressed up for a masked ball! How lovely! I love Autumn. Too bad we are approaching summer already.

  7. Oh she is just beautiful!

  8. she is indeed beautiful

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