Being in the Present

Sometimes it is best to remain in the present and not dwell on the “what if?”

Pastel drawing from my art journal.

L. Gloyd (c) 2010

8 responses

  1. This is really, really cool, Lori.

  2. wow, there is so, so much in this drawing. i agree staying in the present is most times favourable but sometimes so hard to do. I see the circles 🙂 – I also see the eyes looking in at you – and that hand at the window’s edge .. there is more than one story going on here it seems.
    protective wings will be circling above.

  3. Well, actually the protective wings are space aliens….. and I’m not sure they are protective. 🙂

    1. oh yes i see that – actually i meant raven wings would be circling over you – you look mighty harassed 🙂

      1. Ah, now there’s an idea for another drawing….. Thanks!

  4. You know my motto…Must be present to win! There is a great deal going on in your most incredible drawing. I love the way it all came together and how there is no question about how you are feeling. The hands on your head and target on your back say it all! I know the feeling well.

  5. This is quite extraordinary Lori. The colors are amazing and the whole vibe is wonderful. Being in the present is remarkably difficult. I have been working on doing this over recent weeks, trying to patiently sit it out and see what emerges. It is worth it although I spiral in and out of that dark world your figure is looking into. This means I am ‘feeling’ and that is new for me who knows so well how to suppress feelings in order to ‘stay strong’.

  6. I think I like to live in the future, the present can be something that does make you put your hand on your head. Yet it is the present that we are in, at any given moment, seeing yesterday disappear…

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