Vibrant, Parade of Color


As the last of the leaves fall
I am in awe of the richness of their color
Autumn really is the time
to parade

14 responses

  1. Beautiful – such a lovely representation of autumn 🙂

  2. Heather, this is simply stunning! Amazing movement of Autumn colour in this enchanted figure!

    1. Good to know I have captured a sense of autumn.

  3. The brilliant red radiating from the woman is explosive. A very dynamic piece, Heather.

    1. Thanks Lori. She does appear to be a dynamic force.

  4. She is autumn in all her colorful glory. What a tribute you have paid her with this drawing.


    1. I am really enjoying this seasonal theme. I am very aware of the seasons out here and I think I will settle in as winter descends and come up with some wintry images as well.

  5. Nicely done. She is the essence of Autumn’s vibrancy. Steph

    1. Autumn is vibrant and fills me with energy. I just love the color.

  6. What a gorgeous autumn you are having up there in the hills. Love the colours and the new look Hestia’s Hearth site.

    1. It has been a particularly stunning autumn here Sue. I am savoring it, enjoying the display outside my window.

  7. fabulous piece. This Autumn series is turning out to be something really special

  8. I haven’t seen a real autumn for a while, thanks for the reminder.

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