Gathering At a Hometown Hearth

The decision to open a business to put my Reiki, Sound and Heart Centered therapies was exciting but very frustrating. The laws in the State of California prohibited me from touching another person without a massage license. I had no interest in being certified in massage and was completely against the time and cost for licensing when I knew I wasn’t going to provide massage as a service. What to do…what to do…

I decided to look for a loophole in the law. It didn’t take long to find. I could touch people if I was a religious leader or spiritual counselor. I remember years ago an organization called “The Universal Life Church” which was originally established, I believe, as a way to provide tax relief. Nevertheless, I found an onsite address and was able to become a minister. (Actually, I had numerous options for how I wanted to be addressed…from Goddess to Shaman.

This weekend I am performing my first wedding. My ex-boyfriend and the woman who he was seeing when we were together worked through things and became the very best of friends. They were granted custody of her 3 year old nephew when he received serious injuries from his abusive father. That’s when I first set eyes on this very special boy.

My ex-boyfriend had a son. He grew up, had children of his own, divorced and so forth. He met a woman and they became a couple. Her daughter met and fell in love with the now grown nephew. Several months ago they honored me by asking me to officiate and perform their wedding ceremony. I am so honored and happy to do so.

“So what kind of ceremony do you want? Traditional, contemporary, full of God or “God light?”

 “I want some of it to be funny,” the groom said. “I don’t want to repeat anything after you. All I want to say is ‘I do’ because I hate talking in front of a bunch of people.”

His aunt and uncle laughed. “Don’t worry. If Sally is involved, humor will be involved.” We discussed what they wanted and I designed the ceremony accordingly.

 I spoke to the bride two days ago. She was a little nervous because we didn’t really talk after that. However, I was able to reassure her that the ceremony would be filled with love, beauty, and humor.

As I was writing the ceremony, I was awestruck with all the realization that there were so many inner relationships amongst so many of us and how those roles were bringing all of us together for this most blessed celebration.

The bride and groom met me through my relationship with my ex-boyfriend and the  one he chose over me. (It took me a whole day to get over it.) They met someone who offered to be their photographer through me and my relationship with my best friend and her daughter. They met each other through familial relationships.

Circles…like wedding rings. Circles intertwined and never-ending. In 36 hours we will add to those intertwined circles and witness the beginning of yet another circle.  How amazing it is to see the universe (or God if you will) working to bring into being a new family. Is it fate or faith? I wonder.

Tomorrow I return to my hometown to the hearth of friends with whom I have a 30 year friendship. We will work together to make this wedding unforgettable while we witness and support these two wonderful people entering marriage.

It is good to sweep your hearth as soon as you can after a messy situation. One never knows when that hearth will be touched by fate, faith, love, and friendship.   Our hearths aren’t just a place for wool gathering, remembering and working through our past, dreaming, or creating the present. Our hearths may be a gathering place for groups of people seemingly to be separate from one another but so tightly intertwined. Our hearths are so often graced with loving experiences we could never imagine. Our hearths may be witness to some of life’s most treasured events in the future. 

I am so excited, pleased, and honored to be returning to a hometown hearth. None of this could have happened if we hadn’t all swept our hearths clean so long ago.

7 responses

  1. Your natural humor and resilience shines out here Sally. I am very pleased for you, delighted for you and those who love you that you are empowered to do what you clearly do well.

  2. What a wonderful way to forgive and forget! May all of your ceremonies be successful. Fran

    1. Thank yo so much, Fran! It was a beautiful thing and so were the bride and groom.

      Sally      random writing and art projects                     traveling with friends life is funny paranormal    

  3. This is a story full of Life. All will be well. What love has grown up around you, Sally! Good stuff.

    1. Thank you! I’ll be writing about the day!

      Sally      random writing and art projects                     traveling with friends life is funny paranormal    

  4. I am so glad you have managed to find a way to help other people and what a thrill to be officiating at a such a special event

  5. Enjoyed this account Sally (:love weddings too.

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