Scantily Clad


Winter is approaching.
The trees are stripping bare
Having unloaded their spring leaves
There is a decided nip in the air
Not sure how this wee girl is getting about so scantily clad.

6 responses

  1. She is so wee that she is able to fly right through the spaces in molecules…where it is warmer.

  2. It seems like she has something she wants to reveal to the world. Hopefully, it’s just her innermost thoughts! 🙂

  3. She is so tuned into the nature around her that she doesn’t feel the cold…it is to her part of the experience.

    Your drawings are amazing in both craft and creative thought.


  4. Gosh, Vi, I think you got it in one. This image is just wonderful, Heather. I love the colour there.

  5. She may just have some inner warmth, wonderful drawings Heather.

  6. It’s definitely a bit nippy here this morning, Heather. As my dad used to say, ‘She needs to get a vest on!’ 🙂

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