Time Capsule


Image: Drummer Hands, by June Perkins

Words last.  Words have power.  Yet, words disappear as the materials they are put on disappear and fade, dust to dust, ashes to ashes. How can the beat of words live on and stick in our heads like an insistent drum beat that makes us feel the musicality of life.

So why have I woken up to this thought.  I think it’s been beating around in my head for some time. Writers love to think they will travel time through their words set down in books- and today blogs, perhaps turned into books, movies, films and songs.  Yet the paper rots, the cds crack, the ipods are lost and technologies become obsolete, the writers and readers pass on, and it is ultimately in the memory of their loyal audience- past, present and future they live on in.

So just why is it that some people’s words speak to us for hundreds of years.  A combination of unique voice, contacts that helped them find an audience, and sometimes writing talent and skill.  It all begins with the fact that they actually take the time to write and create and then find someone to read them.

There are some singing voices that I just love to listen to for hours, and so it is with writers, there are some we just keep coming back to.  So taken are we with their stories we redo them again and again.  Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and Thomas Hardy are three I truly admire.  As for poets – I have pulled away from the esoteric, as their analogies are lost in a day when not everyone is educated in Latin and Shakespearian and biblical analogy.

Somewhere in this journey I find my own voice, multi-faith versed, analogies to face-book, and world wide webs – aware of the flow of news, with textures of Oprah and self help proverbs – and acutely aware of the transitory nature of celebrity and the life stories that already look like they will travel for hundreds of years, like Nelson Mandelas.  What might be universal about this time to travel into the audiences of the future?  The fight for privacy?  The connectedness  and fragmentation of human relations?  The continuing search for the soul and body connections and disconnections?   We travel there through movies like Avatar, but is that really the future, or a rerun of humanity’s past mistakes in a fantasy setting?

So if you are reading this in hundreds of years now, in some obscure computer museum enjoy my little time capsule to you.  If you read it now, let me know what you think- help build a tapestry of comments that will speak to those readers of the future of the writers /bloggers that once were. What words have power for you now, and how can your words empower? How will you live on in words?

© June Perkins

4 responses

  1. Your thoughts, June, are deep and far reaching. As an archeologist digs into the past you are probing into the future. I think that everything we recite or write, paint, draw or photograph, is out there somewhere reaching for those futuristic beings who will have the ability to tune in, to read and admire. We are artists and there is a special place out there for our work.


  2. Thought provoking.

  3. I have pondered this myself. Perhaps thousands of years from now there will be a discipline called cyber-archeology, where scholars will discover the backup files of old blog servers and will pour over the writings to get an idea of what life was like in the early 21st century.

    Food for thought, indeed, June.

  4. I like that term cyberarcheology (:

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