love lift me

In my home there’s a dog.  There are two dogs actually.  But this here one dog, Nara, she’s a word dog.  Gotta love another word girl like m’self.  If you really want to make her happy, don’t give offer her any silly treats or walks, just look her straight in the eye and tell her great you think she is.  Oh yeah.  She’ll wag her tail so hard she’ll damn near fall over and lick you up and down and her eyes will beam bright and sharp as the full moon in the nick of winter. 

Yup.  She’s pretty and she’s a lover but we joke about her not being too smart.  I think the joke’s on me.  Just today – and how long have I had her?…close to a year now? – I realized that the more I talk words of praise and love and appreciation to my sweet furry friend (for her sake, of course) the lighter I feel.  You know…physically there’s a loosening happening all over me and a little bit more of a perk in my movements is noticeable. 

And laughing.  I laugh.  I laugh with the dogs.  When I talk to Nara about what a great girl she is and how happy I am she’s here with me, when I tell her I love how soft anf fluffy and silly she is, when I tell her she makes me happy, it – go bloody figure – seems to actually make me happy.

I miss Seanna.  What a great girl she was.  What a great gift to my life.  My child…those beautiful eyes…so easy to speak words of gratitude that caused a loosening of the body and soul that me ready for living and loving.  I forgot the importance of speaking loving words.  I forgot what power they have to make you loose and laughing and ready for living. 

I planted my herbs because I wasn’t waiting to see if I was going to be here another summer to do it then.   There’s more seeding to do I think now.  I wait for what?  I save my praise and gratitude for my dog only?  Silly.  So it’s awkward at first.   I’m a woman of words.  I’ll find a way to make it natural to throw the words of gladness and praise around, sincerely, without freakin’ the bejeebers outta all me dear friends.   For them.  For me.  For the hell of it.  For the not knowin’ of it. 

Cheers to my peers,


5 responses

  1. I truly believe that animals, especially dogs, are really intelligent and that they understand every word we say to them and react accordingly. Tell them you love them and they’ll love you back unconditionally.


  2. my psychologist called this ‘fake it till you make it’. the more you say it, the more it becomes. the more you think it, the more you become. and hell yeah, although i love cats, dogs are the most wonderful pets in the world. unconditional love…what Vi said.


  3. I got a Corbin, a puppy, last year and he has become my best friend. He doesn’t judge and the is an abundance of eager listening. Just th other day I heard on the radio that husbands don’t want to hear about your troubles so you should get a dog! Lovely post, Steph.

  4. Animals do really calm us and are wonderful to have around, I miss have pets, but I do love the sunbird outsider our back door.

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