Found Poetry

My friend Shiloh did a post on Found Poetry a couple days ago {} and I thought that I would give it a try, Since almost all of my fiction books await me in storage, I went ahead and used books form my grimoire they ended up being books that accompany two of my Tarot decks: The Wheel of Change Tarot and the Thoth-Crowley Tarot.

The Thoth-Crowley is the deck I use the most for my personal queries, and the card I have chosen as my Significator is  The Queen of Wands (or Staves, or Batons),  and she reflects a lot of what the affirmations are saying I have also used the post for my tarot Journey with the Rumi Tarot.

Found Poetry One:

Wheel of Change Tarot


The Fool is

An expression of the

Possibilities that

Cannot be fixed,

And are open-ended.

The Hermit represents

What is really

 True and right

For you

Is within you

Waiting to be noticed.

The Wheel of Fortune

Asks you to

Make an opportunity

For self-understanding and

Self-growth through the

Mirror of the outer world.

From the Three of Wands

We learn that

The personal goal

Is to use your creative power

In a way that enhances

Your own life and

The lives of others.

On the Ace of Cups

The central Cup

Is the Ardagh Chalice

One of the

Finest examples of

Early Christian Celtic art.

It represents

The soul’s journey

 Toward the setting sun

And the Western Lands.

The Lands of Shadow

And Darkness.

It is there

That we discover

Our deepest passions

And make connexions

With others that

Transcend our limitations

Found Poetry Two

 The Thoth-Crowley Tarot Deck


This one speaks from The Thoth-Crowley Tarot Deck, which is my personal favourite for Spiritual Lessons. I think I will use a series of the Affirmations from this deck.

I am now ready for the new beauty in my life.

(Princess of Discs or Pentacles)


I find the strength I now need in my centre.

(Three of Wands or Staves)


I surrender to the transforming powers of the Divine. I am an open channel for creative energy.

(Art or Temperance)


I know more and more clearly who I am. This recognition leads to the full development of my personal strength.

(Nine of Wands or Staves)


I am loved, simply because I am the way that I am.

(Nine of Swords)


I am a radiant being filled with Light and Love.

(Queen of Wands or Staves)


I am now ready to give everything and receive everything.

(Three of Discs or Pentacles)


I have the power and virtue to reflect and know.

 (Three of Wands or Staves)


I relax and trust Life.

(Eight of Discs or Pentacles)


I have the courage to believe that all that happens in my life serves for the best.

 (Seven of Discs or Pentacles)



4 responses

  1. i like what you have done here – an excellent way of reading/expressing .

  2. So many words of wisdom.

    I have never used a Tarot deck so know little or nothing about it, or how to use it. It seems it would be well worth my while to learn about it.


  3. I am inspired to try the same. Thanks.

  4. I love this post Gwen. It is inspiring and has given me some fresh insight into some of the Tarot Cards I have been working with. I would love to read more of your insights about the cards, particularly the Ace of Cups that persistently appears from within my deck.

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