I Now Pronounce…

The wedding date was set a year in advance but so much of it came together during the  last couple of weeks. It was through the past and current relationships of their family and friends that the cook(s), photographer, and wedding officiate were found.  I am the wedding officiate.

We awoke to a chilly, cloudy morning with a chance of rain. The wedding was being held in the backyard. We were all praying for clear skies. The yard was a beehive of activity when I arrived with people already cooking, chopping vegetables, and photographing. The bride was splendid in her dressing gown. There wasn’t a quiet place in the house with all the hub bub.

I stood with the groom and groom’s men. The bride and her attendants were gathering on the deck to make their entrances. The clouds parted and the sun was shining at exactly 1:00 p.m. I know the time because my friend showed me his watch.

“Are you scared?” Erick asked me. “You’re the one who has to do all the talking.”

“Nah…I’ve done a lot of public speaking. Are you nervous?”

“Uh….a little. What do we do? When do we go to the front?” Erick wanted to do everything just right. He didn’t want to mess anything up and embarass himself. And he didn’t want his aunt who was directing the the human wedding traffic to yell at him.

“Just follow me. I’ll tell you what to do, when to do it, and I promise to be sweetly quiet so I don’t embarass you.”  I paused then said, “Last chance. We’re up!” and I walked away motioning for him to follow me.

The bride was making her entrance and everyone stood up. I snuck a glance at Erick as he watched Sarah walk towards him. His face held a full toothed smile and soft loving eyes. I was thinking how interesting it was to see a wedding from this advantage. It was like dreaming inside a dream. Their excitement and love for one another radiated as they joined hands. I was carried away into their magical ambiance. I began to feel like I was in a dream watching a movie.

After thanking family and friends for being present to witness this most sacred ceremony, I spoke of love and what it means to commit yourself to another person. It means that you trust them with your heart. That you each provide to the other someone to make you laugh when you cry; someone to hold you close when you are frightened; someone to ease your pain and bring you comfort when you are hurt.

I reminded them that loves takes work; that it is more than a wedding ceremony; it is a promise. I Reikied the rings as I read their vows to one another. For Erick I added, “Do you promise to treat Sarah like a thoroughbred so she has no reason to become a nag?” (Well, he said he wanted humor.) Though they were nervous adnd shaking slightly, their promises to each other were real and heartfelt.

I could have gone on but their faces were saying that was enough. So I led them to their kiss and pronounced them Sarah and Erick, husband and wife.

My reach for the camera was a little late; however, I was able to get a quick picture as they walked down the aisle.  

Fate conspired to bring Erick and Sarah together and their love for one another brought the rest of us there to gather at the heart. It was a joyous thing to watch these two become a family unto themselves and to see our family to grow a little bigger that day.

Congratulations to Erick and Sarah. May the joy you felt on your wedding day last throughout our lives. Thank you for the honor of being the one to pronounce you man and wife.

3 responses

  1. I like the picture of Erick and Sarah together…they looked so relaxed and happy. May their lives together be filled with all the good things that their togetherness can bring.


  2. this will surely be a day to be remembered by all who were present. I think there is something extra special about an occasion when family members are the main players, it must have been a real thrill for you to officiate for them. I wish them all the best for a long and happy marriage

  3. I loved the line about the human wedding traffic (:

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