Looking beyond/ or break the frame


I am looking for the frames
to help me break the frames
remembering playschool windows
round, oval, and square.

I am remembering how my dolls
Were broken hand me downs
And how I thought my frizzy hair
Made me look a clown.

I was a little mother to
My brothers growing up
And wondered if they would
Ever dare to break the frames.

I always wanted to have the straightest hair
I never understood why
Fighting back those tears of growing up
I’m still looking beyond the frames

Living in the land of the sugar cane
I’m still looking beyond the frames
Living in the land of sugar cane

I’m seeing all the kids running off to school
They’re so caught up trying to be cool
A little bit of facebook and a little bit of blackberry
But bullying’s the same hasn’t much changed

Everybody’s trying to be the same
No one really wants to break the frame

But every now and then there’s one
Young kid who leaves

Looking for the frame to fame,
Looking beyond the sugar cane.

(c) June Perkins – Song Lyrics

A new song I am working on, taking poetry and converting it to song,

Seems this way of working works for me.

3 responses

  1. So much truth in your words. So many of us want to ‘Break the Frame,’ but most of us lack the courage to step out of the safety zone that we ourselves have constructed within the frame.


  2. wonderful! .. daring to be different, to be truly oneself – so difficult yet so rewarding .

  3. yes, the artist who know themselves and then expand their horizons do inspire, and yet how uncertain we often are about what we say and do and whether people are listening, or engaging in dialogue and art that will allow them to keep reinventing and innovating.

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