Sixty Years Gone By…in a flash

This was me some sixty years ago.
I was a very different person
some sixty years ago.
I was devil may care
some sixty years ago,
with time,
I thought,
for everything.
Now I know,
some sixty years out
that there is not time
for every single thing,
so I do
that which is important
to me now
and my well-being.
Just remember that, you young things.
Just remember our time
is not forever.

(c)Woodnymph (Vi)
July 2010

5 responses

  1. What an utterly gorgeous photograph Vi. While going through some of Mums photos I found one of myself that I never knew about. It was taken when I would have been three or four. I must scan it and show it off.

    1. Somewhere I have a photo of me in a slinky Oriental dress in a sexy pose. I must see if I can find it.


  2. Beautiful photograph Vi, just lovely. Old photos of ourselves cause an interesting dialogue do they not?

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Vi. When you’re in your teens 60 seems such a long way away and time travels very slowly. When you actually get to 60 and look back it seems to have been a very quick trip and time speeds up the older you get. Very well put. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah, but wait until you’re 80 plus. Wonder what it’ll be like when I reach triple digits? 🙂


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