Bouquets Not Bombs

If you were to meet
On some moonlit night
A UFO with travelers aboard.
They come from afar
And their language it seems,
Has no word for war.
These peaceful sojourners
Are here only to learn,
To see, and to hear
What we have to say
And to share
Their knowledge with us
And seek by meeting,
What we could teach them
To better our lives and theirs.
How would we, as humans, greet them,
Those ambassadors of peace?
Would we present them with bouquets
Or destroy them with bombs?
Our history is murky
Our actions not good.
We have through the ages
Destroyed out of fear
Those that are different.
So let’s resolve here and now
To dismantle the bombs
And present more bouquets,
And with arms wide open
Cry out
Welcome strangers,
Come join me for tea,
Tell me about you
And I’ll tell you about me.

Vi Jones
©July 11, 2010

6 responses

  1. The issue of evil has plagued me for what seems like an eternity Vi. Like you I yearn for something better, long to be with the like minded who seek peace.

    1. So often it seems the war mongers outnumber the peace keepers. But still we strive for that better life for all. Sooner or later we will succeed.


  2. Ah yes Vi, bouquets, not bombs..if only. And I shall meet you there where all the flowers are blooming and we shall sit and drink tea together and dream.

    1. And I will be there with a crown of wild roses in my hair.


  3. This seems so apt that you would write this, Vi, from the land of the Phoenix Lights.

  4. Ah yes, the lights. I saw some unexplained lights too, many years ago, in Northern California. Although personally, I have no proof, no one can convince me that there is no other intelligent life form out there. we are but a dot on the map of what is the Universe. How can those of us who deny the possibility be so arrogant as to think we are all there is?


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