Riding the Chariot


I recall, years ago, on one of the many Enchanteur journey’s, suggesting that people take a midnight ride. Since Mum’s recent death I have turned back to the Tarot for support and guidance. Well, I have turned to Tarot and my collection of books about it and on symbolism.

Imagine taking the reigns of the Chariot. Imagine steering two highly willed horses and pulling them together to head in one direction. Right now this feels like my challenge as I try to work out ‘what now’.

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  1. It seems to me that there are 2 elements pulling you forward, towards whatever it is that awaits you; 1 is the dark, shadowy side of your unconscious mind — it is there, it is real, but you must work to discover what it has to teach you; the other is brighter, not white, not yet anyway, there is too much grief in your soul for that yet, but this horse will accompany you across the open plains of the landscape whose terrain you are traversing now. Together both of these totem animals will carry you to the future, where something new awaits…..

    1. Thanks so much for this insight Edith. You have given me so much to think about. This was, as I said in the email, a very quick drawing. I think I will do it again at some point and I will go a step further and work on the horse and carriage which is taking me into the future.

  2. This image must have been so rewarding to express, Heather. It is definitely leading to where you need to be, which will no doubt show itself as the journey continues.

    1. The image was rewarding to work with Monika. There is more to do on this. But it will take time. The chariot, my will to harness this power, is taking me into a new world.

  3. Wonderful horses, so much movement. Fran

    1. Thanks Fran. It is good that I have captured movement for it is movement that I have felt since Mum’s passing. I told her I would be okay and I am determined that I will be, know that I told her the truth. This represents movement.

  4. I like the blurry background. It suggests that you are riding out of a foggy time in life.

    Keep up this wonderful form of self-therapy.

  5. You will see me working very intensely on all of this Lori. It is an incredible form of self therapy and the power of the cards, as a vehicle to access the unconscious, is continuing to surprise me. As for riding out of a fog – it is like that. So much has become clear for me. The fog has lifted.

  6. There is such strength in those you are allowing to journey with you into your future … their strength is there for you to rely on, you are obviously leading the way . This image speaks to me the work you are so clearly doing and the knowledge you hold within which, again, is showing itself .
    Much love to you as always.

    1. It is comforting, at this time when a basic support system has been removed, to have something to rely upon.

  7. The horses are powerfully aware of your needs right now and are pulling you toward the light. I see the lighter of the two horses keeping his eye on the darker one. He will not allow the dark to overpower the light. And, Heather, although you are a power house in your own right, you are fragile too, and in need to be journeying, as you are, toward the self contentment.


    1. Thanks Vi. I am fragile and very much in need of journeying. I am not clear about where the chariot is taking me.

  8. I like the Chariot card – as I understand it the card represents getting moving on creative projects. Emotionally the energy is quite cold and doesn’t really work in personal relations but it gives an objective calm and precision necessary for creative work no matter how emotive the subject matter.
    Involving yourself in creative work will help you find that strong sense of self that will propel you forward into the future.

    1. It will be enough if there is some movement. I need a creative project and things point towards me being an apprentice and learning new skills. Tarot is a form of alchemy I am very interested in learning more about.

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