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I did an online Tarot reading yesterday. After the crazy upheavals in my life this year it was inevitable that The Tower would turn up somewhere. All the old foundations of my life have been split asunder and the ground I stand on has shifted.

On the weekend I went over to what used to be my father’s house but has now become my brother’s. My brother has always been odd but he used to be jovial with it. Now he has become even odder and the good humour has been replaced by barely repressed anger. I’m beginning to wonder if he has developed some borderline personality disorder. Trying to establish just what items he would let me take from the house was very fraught. I ended up out in the shed poking through old boxes and crates of junk that no one else wanted. Some of my favourite memories of my dad come from the times I would chat to him in the shed while he mucked around doing not much in particular. “If you keep a thing long enough, it will be sure to come in handy,” he would tell me as he blew the dust off his collections of weird objects. When I found a little box full of small wooden blocks I just knew I’d find many uses for them. Here I’ve placed them on an old painting of my mother’s to represent The Tower.

The final card in the online reading was The Ten of Wands. I’ve made a representation of the card by placing some of the minature hinges I found in the shed on another painting of mum’s – this one depicts the coastal inlet that can been seen from the house.

The commentary for the card told me I would find my way forward by focusing on my goals. Hmmm – easier said than done. All my old goals have either been achieved or are no longer relevant. Before I can focus on my goals I have to figure out what they are. Do any of you have any clues as to how to go about this?


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  1. seems to me you have made a start already – the assemblages above are very moving – perhaps creating your own tarot images, digitally maybe, with your own and your mothers’ paintings etc. could lead to your discovering where you want to go next.
    Or… how about the good old mindmap – the larger the piece of paper the better – let go of control – goals as the starting point in the centre and see where that leads. Thoughts off the top of my head 🙂

  2. Thanks Jill – I really like that mind map idea – I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

  3. This is quite incredible Sue. The ingenuity of your post absolutely stuns me. It is fabulous. Keep working in this vein. The Tower appeared for me just before Mum’s down hill slide and other family news. So I know all about just how that shifting ground feels.

    1. Thanks Heather – I don’t think it’s that incredible but thank you for saying it might be. The Tower is certainly a great leveller – I’ve been flat on my back with health issues since I made that post. Now to pick myself up, dust myself off and … well that’s the intention anyway – the flesh is still unwilling

  4. You appear to derive so much from the Tarot, as do others it seems. I am lost in their meaning…can anyone recommend a good instruction book? It is good, Heather, that it works so well for you and that you are able to build upon it the way you do.

    Your images are stunning. I see so much life in the blocks and serenity in the ten of wands.


    1. You can get general books on the Tarot but I usually just use the books that come with particular sets. Maybe you could try going into New Age Shops and seeing if you are particularly attracted to any of the cards there.

      Online I’m currently using the Lllewellyn Worldwide Site – its free and I like the pictures in some of the decks. There are lots of free Tarot sites to explore – just Google – Free Tarot Readings or something like that. These sites are rather strange in that they seem to work on an intuitive level that doesn’t make logical sense.

      Hope you find something that appeals to you – Suzanne

      1. Thank you, Suzanne. I will do that. The desire to use Tarot has been bouncing around in my brain for some I really feel is the time to do it.


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