In the Light of Death

The Death card in the tarot world is not as dark as many people seem to think. It’s a sign of an incredible opportunity to stop that which no longer represent you or are in conflict with your true nature. It is a very timely card for me.

My daughter, best friend, and I recently traveled abroad (I’ve always wanted to say that!) for nearly three weeks. Before embarking on this journey, our family agreed this trip would serve as way to completely let go of the reality that we had created for ourselves. Our return would provide us with a point to begin anew…a place to recreate ourselves, our environment, and our realities.

While it is true that recreating ourselves or our reality and bring both more in line with our authentic selves,there is no denying the heartache involved as we feel stripped to the bone. Either heartache is the impedus to leave our old things behind or it is brought on by the process. Nevertheless, it is an opportunity that prompts us to shine a light into those darker ways of being. That exposure is not easy. It is painful on many levels, causes us to question our convictions, and belief in ourselves…and…We are the only ones to answer those lifelong questions about the things that happened to shape us into who we are at a particular moment (for it’s true that we are different people in different moments). But we know we are only bettering ourselves, feeding ourselves, and shedding those things that no longer serve us. There is no denying that any heartache is worth the wisdom gained the changes made and the lessons learned about ourselves and our realities.

When the Death Card is pulled, seize the opportunity, hold on with both hands, and enjoy the journey with the full knowledge that you will feel fully alive at the end of the ride!

One response

  1. I’m in the process of writing about the Death Card myself. I found your post enlightening as I delve into my interpretations of this dreaded card.


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