Living a Fuller Life

Selene Goddess Knowledge CardsSelene, Queen of the Starlit Heavens, is an ancient Greek goddess the moon. She carries the moon across the sky in a white chariot driven by winged horses or bulls. She is the totality of the moon, with its waxing into fullness and waning into darkness. Selene represents the fullness of life, incorporating all the phases of light and dark in her shining.

While one has no control over how long he or she may live, caring for one’s body/soul/spirit, can be a contributing factor in a long life. Selene reminds us to consider some characteristics that contribute to a full life.

  • Good genes. No one has control over their birth, and who their parents are but caring for one’s body properly may help overcome genetic issues.
  • A goal or purpose in life. Time to re-read Victor Frankl’s Search for Meaning
  • Optimistic outlook on life.
  • Handling Stress. There are three basic problems that adversely affect the normal stress that we all have: fear, guilt, and moral conflicts. Stress is a part of life itself. It is not a matter of whether we have stress or not, for we all do, it is how do we handle it?
  • Good diet and health care.  It has been said that the majority of organic diseases in our hospitals have had a psychosomatic origin. The constant stress and strain of life, coupled with lack of proper bodily care, contributes eventually to a serious breakdown.

Selene sweeps into my life to remind me that the moon waxes into fullness and wanes into darkness. The time in darkness with Hel helps me to understand the contrasts.

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