The Sad Tale of Milo The Muse

Anita Marie has taken a baton and run with it! The crowd cheers!

At The Crossroads

abandoned-places-13.jpgMilo my Muse was sitting in an empty theatre looking at an empty stage with a blank program in his hand.

” What are you doing Milo?” I asked.

He doesn’t want to look at me, but he can’t help it. ” I’m doing nothing, as you very well know.”

I stand up on the seat and look around the theatre- it old, dusty, the paint is chipping off the walls and the ceiling looks warped. ” This is a lot of nothing Milo.”

He stands  up and smacks me in the leg with the blank playbill. ” I can see that! Where have you been? We were doing just fine, we wrote some good things, you headed out and went on some trips that should have been inspirational”

” I hung out in a cemetery in New Orleans and I went to Vegas and played the slot machines. My favorite…

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