Cool Mapping


You will have to click to read about what Chaz Hutton was doing and the reaction he got to this map. And you will have to do the Travels With A Donkey course to find discover the mapping trick that I use with participants.

2 responses

  1. Ha! This is wonderful! Other than the river, I’d say this sums up our nearest city pretty closely. Good job! No river because we live next to one of the Great Lakes, and I spend my time between the big city like the one depicted here and the very small town next to it (considered part of it via amalgamation) that I truly consider my home for the last 17 yrs.

    I admit that I’ve never been able to consider the donkeys as the friendly, loveable creatures that the rest of you seem to have been so attached to during The Travels, but just the other day I was looking through a famous designer’s Instagram feed and many of his selfies included photos of he and his family members hugging, kissing, and leaning against what appeared to be their pet donkey. A furry, docile, charming creature. They appeared to absolutely CHERISH and adore him as much as any of us do our dogs or cats, like any beloved pet.

    At first I thought they were photos from a trip. But then I noted the children with the donkey at different ages and that it was the same animal and therefore simply must be their pet. It has completely changed my view of donkeys. *laughing* After seeing that Instagram feed I was thinking to myself, “I want one! I want a donkey!” Then I thought of you, Heather, and wondered if you were still doing any of the creative writing around donkey travels. Is that still going on? I know I tried to go along in the past but I simply couldn’t ‘get into it’ then, as I just admitted.

    I’m not much for writing about fairies and gnomes or any such stuffs, but I do love animals and believe each one has his or her own strong and clear personality and opinion. I’m so glad you brought this up right now. Synchronicity as always. Cheers!


  2. Smiling broadly Steph! When Vasilisa headed off to Baba Yaga’s she had a doll to help her complete those impossible tasks. The doll represented intuition and provided Vasilisa with a means of accessing her inner wisdom. Check out and you will get an idea of just what a donkey companion (muse, inner genius or whatever) has to offer us if we are willing to listen to an animal guide. They show us how to listen and awaken our clairvoyant abilities – and so much more. Travels With a Donkey by Robert Louis Stevenson reveals that he learned most about himself as he related to Modestine (his donkey companion). Few participants in my courses actually write about donkeys or fairies. The donkey’s are just there, in the background, carrying some of the load.

    So glad you liked the map. I think it is pretty cool and has so many messages tucked within it.

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