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Cool Mapping


You will have to click to read about what Chaz Hutton was doing and the reaction he got to this map. And you will have to do the Travels With A Donkey course to find discover the mapping trick that I use with participants.

Riding the Chariot


I recall, years ago, on one of the many Enchanteur journey’s, suggesting that people take a midnight ride. Since Mum’s recent death I have turned back to the Tarot for support and guidance. Well, I have turned to Tarot and my collection of books about it and on symbolism.

Imagine taking the reigns of the Chariot. Imagine steering two highly willed horses and pulling them together to head in one direction. Right now this feels like my challenge as I try to work out ‘what now’.

Scantily Clad


Winter is approaching.
The trees are stripping bare
Having unloaded their spring leaves
There is a decided nip in the air
Not sure how this wee girl is getting about so scantily clad.

Vibrant, Parade of Color


As the last of the leaves fall
I am in awe of the richness of their color
Autumn really is the time
to parade

Autumn Fashion Parade


With the Enchanted Wood
Just beyond my front door
High fashion models
Are parading
The newest things from the season
A fashion parade
To match anything from
Paris, Milan or London
Is happening before my eyes.

Green Man Appears


Autumn is here!
The trees are resplendent in reds, yellow and gold.
Carpets of leaves begin to mulch
And all is quiet.
But hark!
Are those the footsteps of the Green Man I hear coming?
He is hurrying, as if on a mission
I wonder if he has come to shed some light on my reality.

Happy Princess


The Princess was sad. So she put on her fairy wings and became meditative.


She heard about this wonderful land called Lemuria and ran, as fast as she could, towards it.In no time the beloved Princess felt flushed with the creative spirit and was happy again.
Read the story of The Princess and the Muse


I just thought I would let you in on a bit of a secret. Well it is not really such a secret.

Until now Hestia’s Hearth has only operated here in an online setting. Last night I ran my first session, with five women, at Creswick, a neighbouring town where I tutor at a Community Learning Centre. We had a wonderful night.

The secret part is what we did. This is only for the ears of Hearth members. I took along a box of natural treasures and set up a special altar to the muse. I had my old copy of Hesiod with me and we invoked the muse and talked about who Hestia was and is. Then we did one of my favourite guided imageries. We walked into a sea shelll and then shared what came from this exoerience.

I have done this exercise many times but the results never cease to inspire me. Each woman came up with a completely different scenario and we discussed each of these and talked about what they would do before coming along next week.

Each of these women, like me, have undergone significant life changes which have bought them to this Central Goldfields area. We have much in common and I am thrilled by the potentiality and how the hearth is manifesting itself. We all left feeling decidedly energized.

Perhaps we could co-ordinate things so that next week some of you are online as we work and we can see some posts go up in the online setting. Let me know if you would be interested in meeting in this way, through Facebook and this blog. That way I will be able to show these women just what is possible.

Grounding Advice


When things are going very wrong in the world, the Hierophant is the one who wades in, quiets the panic, and offers good, practical advice. She symbolizes a connection to the divine, which answers with a very human voice, never oblique or mysterious.

“You know how to solve your problem, this card says; it is not easy, not a quick fix, but it is do-able. The solution is there, you’ve only to bring it down to Earth.”

I look in a mirror and see that there is indeed a strong part of me that can handle whatever is thrown at me.


The Wheel Turns


Just a short distance
Along the Serpentine Road
I find Serpentine Circus Acrobats
Performing the Wheel of Life