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Cool Mapping


You will have to click to read about what Chaz Hutton was doing and the reaction he got to this map. And you will have to do the Travels With A Donkey course to find discover the mapping trick that I use with participants.

A Mindful Project

Before we left, Stephen handed each of us a few precious corn kernels asking that, when we returned to our respective home lands, we reverently bury them, grieve over them, tend their graves, and with nature’s grace watch the renewal of life and the growth of a new corn plant. It occurred to me that this is what he had done – planted seeds in our hearts and our minds, which are watered by our tears and tended by the labours of our learning, in the hope that a new elder might begin to grow in each of us with an understanding that death is a gift, “the cradle of our love of life”.
Verandah Magazine

nasturtium-jewel-mixStephen Jenkinson, the author of Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul, calls upon people to bear witness to a world that we wish were otherwise and he offers an opportunity to learn how to labour at the planting of hard-won seeds so that we might possibly, against what are sometimes great odds, learn to live, and die, well.

For some years now I have been encouraging creatives to plant nasturtium seeds and, over a period of at least a month, talk to them and watch them grow. I encourage people to keep a record in a small notebook that is covered with imagery of growth.

This is a simple task. Just fill a planter with rich potting mix and add some nasturtium seeds. Talk to the pot and the seeds and agree upon where to place it. Then spend at least ten minutes each day tending to it, taking photos, keeping a journal record. You will be amazed by what this simple plant has to teach you.

Worthier Battles To Be Fought

If you have no stomach for being fodder for a King or dying on the battle field you can still be remembered on St Crispian’s Day. Form a word army, storm the feast day of St Crispin, make a stirring speech, or not, and be long remembered for the power of your words.

A Word Soldier

A Word Soldier

Like light moonbeams they quietly gather, stealthily creeping through the cast iron curtains.

Treading lightly, the whispered word patterns silently amass, emerging from within the lofty mansion of the gods.

The rebel army forms a vivid word picture.

Disciplined, they gather resolutely in the darkened, labyrinthine corridors of the psyche, forming sturdy battalions.

With banners raised, they prepare to march, ready to invade distant lands.

Graceful, curling, silky, smooth little words, skilfully pirouette,
performing acrobatic feats, leading the way with striking agility.

While taut, tense, cryptic vipers, having skillfully twisted themselves from within the invisible chains, Hephaistos so meticulously fashioned in his anvil, self-righteously form an indomitable rearguard.

United the word warriors stand erect, on the mountaintops, awaiting the bugle call. In unison they surge forward, gathering momentum as they ride into the valleys.

The word army, united, buoying each other, singing, marches in tight formation.

In rhythm, the armed force gathers momentum, vigorously occupying and outwitting the foreign, virgin, white unblemished soil of the New World.

by Heather Blakey 2005

Today I Celebrate

Today I followed a prompt where the directive was to write about something I want to celebrate about myself.

Personally, I think the prompt is a little narcissistic and self-involved, but I did it to break out of a small creative slump that I’ve had for the last few days.

If I can paint something else today, then I’ll know if this exercise worked.

L.G (c) 2010.

To Be

Conjugación de los verbos ser y estar

Just a quick sketch with the perennial question: What does it mean To Be?

L. Gloyd (c) 2010

Being in the Present

Sometimes it is best to remain in the present and not dwell on the “what if?”

Pastel drawing from my art journal.

L. Gloyd (c) 2010

The Tree-Woman Emerges

“The Tree-Woman Emerges”

She couldn’t wait to the end of the day before she made her emergence.

L. Gloyd (c) 2010

Digitally created using Terragen and Photshop and free use images from Morguefile.

Tree Woman — Sketch

“Tree Woman”– Pencil Drawing

Two nights ago I had a dream wherein a young woman ripped up a garden I had been tending.  I said to the young woman in the dream, “It may be your house, but it is my garden.  Let me tend to it as I will.”      I did not need some dream analyst to tell me that this dream represents my inner, unconscious world beginning to manifest and that I am feeling quite vulnerable at the moment.

Early this morning (it is now 4:30 a.m. on Palm  Sunday), I woke and felt compelled to get out my visual journal and sketch.  This image emerged.  I see here something akin to what I dreamed the night before:  the theme of the growing garden — yet I am the one who is growing!

The tree-woman is another manifestation of the Medial Woman archetype:  the feminine archetype that bridges the outward world of reality  (the world of branches, leaves and sunlight) with the inner world (where tree roots run deep into the dark earth).

I am going out of a limb (pun intended) and say that Tree Woman will not be content being just a pencil sketch… most likely she will compel me to take her image to further development as a painting or digital construction (or both).  Stay tuned.

L. Gloyd (c) 2010

The Empress of Abundance

The Fool continues her journey along life’s path and discovers the Empress holding court under a grape arbor.  Starlight filters through the leaves and she can see the Empress stretch out her hand towards her.

“Life is juicy and sweet,” she says as she offers Fool a handful of ripe, plump grapes    With gratitude, the Fool plucks one from the bunch.

L. Gloyd (c) 2010

The Magician and the High Priestess

“The Magician’s Act”

Reflection: As the fool continues her journey across the barren wilderness, it is not long before she encounters a magician and his assistant, a woman dressed as a high priestess, performing an act in the middle of the road. These two individuals represent the essential polarities of life. The magician is the positive pole: light, the world, masculinity, consciousness, the material. The high priestess is his opposite: darkness, the netherworld, femininity, unconsciousness, the non-corporeal. Their act consists of pulling a white rabbit of a hat and balancing a magical ball on the tip of a finger. As we traipse through life, we too encounter sudden and unexpected manifestations of situations, and must, if we are to succeed in our journey, keep all the opposing factors of our life in a harmonious balance. Sometimes this really does seem like a magician’s act.

Digital construction created with Photoshop and Terragen and using manipulated unrestricted images from the New York Public Library, Library of Congress, and Morguefile.

Lori Gloyd (c) 2010. All rights reserved.