Travel With A Donkey

Travels With A DonkeyDiscover a whole new world of creativity

  • Can you honestly say that you are a loyal and supportive friend to your creative self? If in doubt try this short Befriending Yourself Quiz!
  • How brightly is your creative flame burning? Does it need fanning? Would you like to be able to say that your creativity is thriving?
  • Do you have a yearning to make space for intuition? Would you like to be able to say that your creative soul is freer and actively being nurtured?
  • Are you willing to learn from the universe, all living species and all creeds?
  • Are you adventurous? Do you believe that new doorways offer potential? Would you describe yourself as courageous? Check the 9 Things Courageous People Do Differently if in any doubt.
  • Are you bold enough to respond to the call of the piper, slip through a portal and travel with a donkey in search of inspiration?
  • Would you like to be guided by the web mistress, an experienced purveyor of creative stimuli, who  spent over a decade building and running the acclaimed Soul Food Cafe?
  • Do you want to explore the world of creativity, but aren’t quite sure where to start?

Whether you are a total novice or already have some writing/visual arts experience, this course is a good place to start. You will massage the creative spirit, stand on the shoulders of the wise and tap into rich reserves.

You’ll learn how to:

  • be kind and encouraging to your creative self
  • kick-start fresh creativity
  • tap into your imagination to let the ideas flow
  • draw from everyday experiences and memories
  • explore genres and artistic mediums
  • learn about things like structure, character, portraiture, the role of archetypes, place and dialogue.
  • work with an authentic voice
  • communicate with your inner donkey
  • explore diverse forms of creative expression
  • generate ideas in a variety of genres
  • learn about publishing options
  • and MUCH more!

To Travel With a Donkey is to accept the challenge and embark on a fantastical, highly individual visual arts and writing journey that will irrevocably change you. This is the chance to forage creatively, drink magical mead from the cauldron of creativity and find your voice.


Work in a Group

Course at Continuing Education  Castlemaine

In 2016 a participants will have the opportunity to join me for a day with donkeys, or sign up for weekend retreat sharing space with and getting to know these wise creatures.

Coming: Watch This Space

Retreats that provide the opportunity to befriend donkeys.

Learn at Home

SkypeIf you reside on planet earth (or some other part of the galaxy) and have an internet connection then you can work online. Free programs like Skype make it easy to gain the full benefit of working directly with a highly experienced teacher, purveyor of creative stimuli and web publisher. After just 6 one hour Skype sessions ($50 per session or old fashioned bartering by arrangement), combined with email support, your creative juices will be totally pumped.

Communicate Interest



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