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Listen to the Trees

Stately-ConiferThe sprawling cypress trees that hid me and provided protection when I was running, terrified, live in my memory, along with the listening trees that Archie Hair talked about.

“In shamanic cultures all over the world this crucial relationship with trees is recognised and cultivated. In some villages of the Huichol Indians of Mexico, young men and women “wed” a tree for four years before they are considered ready for marriage. In this four year relationship, they pour out all their desires, their longings, their successes and failures, during regular visits to their tree. In this process of working out projections, they mature and are able to come to their human partnerships with a remarkable soulfulness and equanimity”. (Source)

The Golden Seed Grove at the Soul Food Cafe holds some lovely pieces revealing the connection some artists and writers have with trees. Baba Yaga insists that participant of Travels With A Donkey spend at least half an hour communing with one of the nearby trees. Ideally they should spend more than an hour with a tree.

According to Narrye Caldwell  “trees speak so much more slowly than we are used to.” She says that “it takes patience to sit under a tree for hours, and listen to its wisdom. It takes time to pour out your heart to a tree”.

Are you willing to spend the time with a tree and listen to its wisdom? Check this guided imagery.